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Like some expert advice on ski resorts, accommodation and train travel? Daniel can help


Advice on train travel to ski resorts

Ski holidays by train are fantastic - but how do you choose which options are best for you?

If you would like some advice and suggestions for great ski resorts, superb accommodation and suitable train-travel options, Snowcarbon co-founder Daniel can help.  Daniel has spent 15 years traveling to over 50 ski resorts by train.  As a ski-travel journalist he writes on this subject for The Guardian, The Independent, Sunday Times, Travelmail, Snow magazine, Ski+board, InTheSnow, Telegraph Ski & Snowboard magazine and Conde Nast Traveller, so can put his knowledge to good use for you. 

Ski holidays by train — Ask Snowcarbon

"It's great to be able to use my knowledge and experience to save save people hours of searching and guessing  - and make recommendations for  suitable resorts, fantastic accommodations and great train journeys to them.

"The internet is a great thing for ski holidays, because you can find out a lot more about the places you are considering.  But every person who is considering a ski holiday is normally doing so on behalf of friends, family, a partner or colleagues.  If you go skiing for a week you are going to spend about 10,000 minutes in the resort.  That's a lot of minutes. So it's important to get the choice of resort and accommodation right.  That's what I love helping with.

"The 'Ask Daniel' service has really taken off and clearly people find this kind of tailored, approach useful.  It's a real pleasure knowing that within moments you can be putting someone on the right path to a fantastic time in the Alps."

What people say:

"It was really an excellent holiday and if you are at all unsure about planning a trip drop Daniel a line as he is not only very helpful but also clearly very knowledgeable and will do his best to advise" - Tom Beynon.  Read about Tom's holiday.

"With Daniel's help we booked the Eurostar, connecting transfers, sleeper trains and our catered chalet. We'll certainly be looking at train travel again, nand certainly be talking to Daniel" - Matt Vincent. 
Read about Matt's holiday

"Daniel from Snowcarbon guided us through the various options of train travel, resorts most suited to our group even gave us chalet options to compliment the ones I had already found, one of which we ended up choosing for the week." - James Woolley
Read about James' holiday

"We really appreciated Daniel's suggestions - a perfect trip. Many thanks!!" - Maria Craig
Read about Maria's holiday

For accommodation, Daniel has excellent contacts in the industry and he knows who offers what.  He can help source a chalet, hotel or apartment from experienced, reputable independent providers and from ski tour operators for rail-ski packages.

To find the most suitable train journey for you and your party, whether daytime, overnight, direct or indirect, there's no one better to ask.  Daniel has travelled on, photographed and filmed every train. He can advise on comfort and cost, and make sure your journey truly becomes part of the holiday.

Asking Daniel also helps fund the site. The service costs you nothing, but if you end up booking something that Daniel recommended, you'll receive the same price from the tour operator, hotel or chalet as if you'd enquired directly to the provider.  However, Daniel will receive a small commission from the provider, which helps compensate him for his time.
Daniel will be happy to hear from you, so just send Daniel an email with a question or a summary of what kind of holiday you are looking for.

For suggestions and advice on fantastic ski resorts, excellent accommodation and suitable train-travel options, just contact ski writer and Snowcarbon co-founder, Daniel.