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How to choose seats on Eurostar

How to choose seats on Eurostar, TGV and other trains


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Around two thirds of train travellers if surveyed unscientifically — as we have done — would prefer a table seat on a train to an airline-style seat on a train. That’s understandable: if you are sitting with friends or family around a table, headed for the Alps, there’s a lot more you can with a table, than without, including sharing a meal, playing games and watching films. 

Whether you adore the idea of a table seat, or whether you prefer to sit airline-style, this guide will help you know how to choose your seats, should you wish to.

How to choose your seats on Eurostar

seats on Eurostar

Booking by phone with Eurostar
If you book by phone with Eurostar’s Reservation Centre, you can choose your seats (or check with the salesperson whether the type of seats you are want available) before you decide to book. Booking over the phone carries a charge of £10 per booking (not per ticket).
Eurostar's phone number is (+44) 03432 186 186. The call centre is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm at weekends.

Booking online with Eurostar
If you book online with Eurostar, you can’t choose your seats until after you’ve bought your tickets. When you’ve bought your tickets you’ll immediately receive an email from Eurostar with a six-digit reference number, known as a PNR number. You then go to the Eurostar website and click on ‘Manage my booking’ (there is also a link to this in the confirmation email that Eurostar sends you).
Alternatively, after booking online, you could phone Eurostar Reservations ((+44) 03432 186 186) and — for a £10 fee — ask them to help you choose your seats.

Booking seats on Eurostar (if you've booked via another website)
You might have booked travel on a Eurostar train via another website, such as Loco2 or Trainline. That's OK, because you can still log into Eurostar's website on the 'Manage my booking' section, and enter the PNR number that you will have received in your comfirmation email from Loco2 or Trainline.
Then just choose your seats.

Seating plans on Eurostar

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In order to choose your seats online, you'll want to have a look at a seating plan.

Eurostar will show you this once you log in (in the 'Manage Booking' section)

However, here's a link to the:

Eurostar e300 Seating Plan PDF
Eurostar e320 Seating Plan PDF

so you can check them out in advance.

Please not that the Eurostar Ski Train is always an e300 train, never e320.

Eurostar e300 seating plan png image - see below


Booking seats on TGV trains (info coming soon)

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