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Shared station-to-resort transfers

Travelling by daytime Eurostar Ski Train and would like a shared transfer? Read on...


If you're travelling on the Eurostar Ski Train Bourg St Maurice, you may already know that, except for the dates of Sat 8th, 15th and 22nd February 2020, there's no bus that departs Bourg St Maurice station at a suitable time after the Eurostar Ski Train arrives.

This seems a bit crazy, and indeed it is a bit crazy.

And if there's only one, two or three of you, it's going to feel like a waste of money - and waste of a vehicle, if you have to book a taxi to get you to the resort with most of the seats empty.

We’ve set this up to help skiers connect with each other to share transfers from train stations to ski resorts.

Why are we doing this?

There're some trains that arrive in the French Alps with no bus service timed to take skiers up to the surrounding resorts. That means you need to take a taxi. But if you're only one, two or three people, you might be wishing that you could share a taxi transfer with other people too. This would save you money and reduce the carbon emissions of your journey too.

Which transfer can you share?

We’re starting this only for transfers from Moûtiers and Bourg St Maurice station to the ski resorts that it serves, for skiers travelling on the Eurostar Ski Train.

How it works

Tell us what your travel dates are, which Eurostar Ski Train you are travelling on (overnight or daytime) and as soon as we have other skiers on the same train and the same date, we’ll put you in touch.

Can we guarantee you a match?

No. But we will do our best. And hopefully we can build this into something really beautiful and useful, helping skiers save time, money and reduce carbon emissions.


Like more help and advice?

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