All you need to know about ski holidays by train

Snowcarbon Videos

Like to see what train journeys to the Alps are like? We've been making films to inspire and inform you.

Why Children Love Train Travel to Ski Resorts

Daniel (Snowcarbon founder) says:

"Travelling to the Alps, it never fails to impress on me how much children love the journeys.  Walk up and down any train and you'll see very happy families  - train journey really suit children - as well as adults.

"I thought it would be interesting to make a film about what children themselves think of the journey. So at Easter I took my camera to St Pancras and got on board the Eurostar Ski Train. 

"The children interviewed in this film were all found on location in St Pancras and on the train. They had a lot to say about the journey - and skiing! Indeed, they can teach us a thing or two about how to have fun when travelling by train to the Alps."

Plane vs Train - Race to the Alps!

Can rail travel to a ski resort be as fast as flying, door to door? In this Top Gear-style plane vs train race where Snowcarbon co-founder Daniel Elkan races experience ski writer Neil English to the Three Valleys. 

Daniel travelled in by Eurostar and TGV (travelling in standard class) when making of this film, while Neil flew EasyJet.

We won't tell you who won the race, but as you may have guessed Daniel certainly had a more comfortable journey...

London to the Alps by Eurostar and sleeper train

Daniel says:

"I took a bunch of friends on holiday to the Portes du Soleil, and went by Eurostar to Paris and then a sleeper train. It's such a social, fun way to travel - and of course gave us two extra days on the slopes. So we filmed the journey to create this two-minute film."

Review of the overnight Eurostar Ski Train

The overnight Eurostar Ski Train is super convenient - it's direct from St Pancras to the Tarantaise region of the French Alps.

However, it doesn't have beds - only reclining seats. And that means it divides opinion, somewhat.  Some skiers love it, some less so.

Therefore we thought it would be useful to create a film that show's what it is like inside, and asks skiers to give their views.

For suggestions and advice on fantastic ski resorts, excellent accommodation and suitable train-travel options, just contact ski writer and Snowcarbon co-founder, Daniel.